Lion cub with its mother

Place OF New Beginnings

Anticipate the excitement of game drives through all 75 000 hectares of wilderness that is Madikwe Game Reserve, a malaria-free area with the “Big 5,” cheetah, and rare African wild dogs.

Anticipate relaxing in one of our 8 private luxury suites as wildlife passes by.

Anticipate savouring a delicious meal next to a roaring fire, under a star-filled African sky, watching the wildlife that visits the nearby waterhole.

Anticipate feeling total calm during your massage in our wellness centre.

That’s our unique offering. That’s the Etali Experience.

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You may not be able to travel now, but you can book your safari now, and you can look forward to it now. We are accepting bookings and have a flexible postponement policy so that you travel when it’s safe.

Booking now matters. By booking now, you’ll enjoy the excitement of anticipation. By booking now, you’ll support Madikwe Game Reserve, home to threatened and endangered wildlife. By booking now, you’ll directly and significantly help Etali Safari Lodge and our employees during a difficult time.

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Postponement Policy

Any booking can be postponed for travel up through 19 December 2021 without penalty if the postponement is related to issues about coronavirus. If your new travel dates fall into a different season, that seasonal rate applies.